Friday, December 10, 2010

Shutterfly Card Freelance

This year I got the chance to design some cute card patterns for Shutterfly. I love their fresh, fun designs, and it has been really fun to see my prints around different places. They even have address labels to match. I took Penny to go see Santa, and when I was standing in line to pic up my prints, I looked over and there was one of the cards I designed right up by the register. I don't know why it was shocking to me; I've been a freelance designer/illustrator for 8 plus years now, but for some reason happy little greeting cards with other people's kids on them made me really happy.

I've also made some really cute photo books in the past, but I'm excited to print up some cards this year. If you sign up for their emails you'll get some great deals too. They send them out all the time.

I know if you're reading this on my facebook, you've already seen this print, but today I found an offer from Shutterfly for 50 free cards to bloggers, (but hurry! it expires today!) so here I sit, blogging away. I'll let you know how it all turns out. In my laziness, I had determined not to send out cards this year - until I got a great shot of Penny and Santa; and now the tables have turned. Add in 50 free cards, and that convinced me even more. Happy Holidays!

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Taylor said...

That really is so neat Natalie! I can't imagine how cool that would be too see your work displayed somewhere!