Tuesday, January 09, 2007

bear attack article

This was a fun project about a little girl that gets attacked by a bear. They were debating a bit about the age group and if it was ok to show the bear, or if a scared little girl and a big bear shadow would do the trick. I was happy to do such an exciting story.

I called Hogle Zoo to try and get some reference of a bear and felt like a stalker. "Do you have any black bears? No, not stuffed teddy bears. Real ones? Are they out today by chance (it was snowing)? What kind of cage are they in? Do you think I get good pictures of them in that kind of cage?" I couldn't find any scrap of a black bear from behind at this angle. Not that is was absolutely necessary, but I get stubborn. Apparently grizzly bears are more photogenic. Finally someone mentioned the Bean Science Museum at BYU, and I called and asked if they had any black bears (not grizzlies), and if they were standing. Art direction was by Eric Johnsen.


sddonlon said...

Hi Natalie, I found you site from enjoying you husband Dave's site from the Everyday Matters group. I am so thrilled by your work, you have so much talent. Boy, the 2 of you really pack an artist punch!! :D
I do have a question. I noticed under your profile, you list book binding... I've just recently become in book binding to make my own sketch book... any advice/resources you have for someone just starting out?
Many regards!
Sherri Donlon

nat said...

There are a few websites that i can recommend with great supplies. I haven't found too many sites with easy to follow instructions. I teach a class at Brigham Young University (which is where I learned), but you may be able to find a place locally offering classes on hand binding.
you should post a picture of your book on your blog - what kind of binding is it?

*Shawna said...

That looks like a fun article to illustrate! Good job on that. Way to get scrap!

bunjamins said...

It does look like the Bean-bear I spent hours cowering under his enameled claws as a kid. Next time you need some black bears, my wife and I have a couple as pets here in the apartment.

Sky said...

When having bear trouble I know who to call, 3 year old davy crocket. Except he's old and dead. You have some great illustrations! Post more please.