Saturday, September 02, 2006


Another image from Imagine Learning, each artist was assigned three or four letters to illustrate and animate. We all recieved our letters at random, but it was a fun challenge to think up a new and creative way to illustrate the word as well as animate it. The letter "P" starts out with a close up on the cook who throws his pan up into the air, and it rotates until it is standing on the handle in the shape of the letter P.
Zipper was a challenge to animate, it pans up from the bottom and then the zipper starts forming the "z" and then glows. These are some of my favorites from IL because we were all given templates for our letters; they had to be a certain font/letter shape, we had to do capitals and lowercase versions and they all had to end up with the letter centered like the template we were given.

J was great; there's a surge of bubbles and then the jellyfish expands and contracts while glowing.
Yarn was a challenge. I wanted something entertaining and yarn by itself just wasn't a visually engaging item to me. So for the animation the mouse rolls a ball of yarn accross the ground and pushes it into a hole while the screen pans out and you see the letter in the hole filled with yarn that starts bumping into each other when he pushes the top ball in.


David Malan said...

Wow, these are awesome, you are a great artist.

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie! Congrats on the new blog - looks great! Your book looks beautiful - sorry, posting in wrong entry for that... :-)

David Malan said...

Nice art I like it all

bunjamins said...

How do I get a print of your cook guy? cuz he looks like my old bishop.

Jana Bouc said...

I love your work. You are so creative it's thrilling to see! I love your paintings too.